Following his own awakening in 2005, David Bingham was guided to help others realize their true nature. Through one-on-one conversations and David's straight-forward approach, thousands of people have ended their seeking. These books are for those who feel they are still searching, and for those who are integrating true nature with this human experience.
Effortless Being
For the first one or two years of life you were functioning from your true nature—from effortless being. There were sounds, feelings, sensations, but there was no concept that you were separate from any of them or that they were personal to you. Gradually you were invited into a game, the game of duality and limitation. In this book you will be pointed back to the truth of what you've always been. Publication date: 29th July 2023
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Conversations on Non-duality
A book of transcripts of twenty six interviews about non duality on Conscious TV. 'Conversations on Non-Duality' gives twenty six expressions of liberation which have been shaped by different life experiences, each offering a unique perspective.
Publication date: 4th July 2011
Publisher: Cherry Red Books
ISBN: 9781901447675

Self-realisation, awakening or enlightenment has been the goal of spiritual seeking since time immemorial. Another way of putting this is simply to say that everyone is searching for happiness. What is the nature of happiness? What is the self that is to be realised? What is meant by awakening or enlightenment? Can it be brought about by effort? To whom does it occur? How is it expressed in life?